Virtuésse is the best and most natural non-surgical cosmetic hair loss solution available. Virtuésse is real hair … with attitude. If you are a woman who has genetic or hormonal hair problems or has lost hair through medical treatments, you no longer need to feel self-conscious about your looks. With Virtuésse you can have real, lush hair, which is perfectly blended to your own. [READ MORE]

Great Lengths created the first safe, long lasting hair extension application method. Twenty years ago we introduced the method of bonding between Great Lengths extension strands and the client’s hair. Since then we have made steps forward but the only thing that hasn’t changed is our acclaimed and renown professionalism. Our wide range of hair extensions offers many possibilities. [READ MORE]

It’s creating a style all your own. Modern in your approach and experienced in your taste, your lifestyle only deserves the best. The GABOR® Collection personifies the woman you’ve become and the way you live today. A unique collection of wigs for your lifestyle, created with every detail in mind. Hand-tied tops, comfortable caps, natural looking color gradients and so much more…so you always feel confidently beautiful.

Most of the time when you look in the mirror…it’s all about your hair! Right? When my hair looks good, everything is right with the world. I think you know the feeling, but it doesn’t happen often enough…so besides the times I wear wigs for filming or red carpet appearances, I have been wearing wigs in my personal life too…What a difference! Let’s face it when a woman feels good about her hair she radiates beauty and confidence.

Freestyle and Human Hair collections of clip-in extensions and wraps…Just POP them on! Now anyone can easily and affordably add length, volume, texture and/or highlights to their own hair with Put On Pieces®. Affordable, lightweight and easy to attach, these virtually undetectable extensions and hair wraps can be put in and taken out in a matter of minutes. Thin and fine hair becomes thick and full, short hair transforms to long, luxurious hair and natural colored hair POPs with color!

Thousands have stopped hair loss – and even re-grown hair – throughout Europe with Low Level Laser Therapy, an innovative treatment now emerging in the U.S. as a leading protocol. ItÕs ideal for those with hair loss or thinning. FDA approved activators, combined with our holistic topicals, can improve the volume, texture and thickness of your hair. [READ MORE]