After years of success in Europe,
now available here!

Thousands have stopped hair loss – and even re-grown hair – throughout Europe with Low Level Laser Therapy, an innovative treatment now emerging in the U.S. as a leading protocol. ItÕs ideal for those with hair loss or thinning. FDA approved activators, combined with our holistic topicals, can improve the volume, texture and thickness of your hair.

What is Laser Light Hair Therapy? 
Low Levels Lasers are “soft” or “cold” lasers that do not have the thermal component to cut or burn tissue. Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) is based on the scientific principle of photobio-therapy, which occurs when laser light is absorbed by cells. 

LLLT was first used to treat ulcers in diabetics with poor blood supply. The lasers improved blood flow – and an astonishing side effect was noticed: where the laser beam was focused, body hair grew thicker and longer than the surrounding hair! 

In clinical studies, laser light has been proven to stimulate cellular metabolism, protein synthesis, and tissue and cartilage regeneration, while dramatically increasing blood supply to targetedareas. LLLT has been used effectively to treat hair loss throughout Europe for over a decade. The laser device we use is a Class IIIA laser deemed GRAS (generally regarded as safe) for cosmetic use by the FDA. 

Our Laser Hair Program 
During your initial consultation, you will be given a Capillicare Diagnostic Test (see below) to determine the nature of you hair loss. Our consultant, trained by a board-certified trichologist , will recommend a prescribed regime of treatment to remedy your hair loss. For the best overall therapy, our program combines all these features:

  • FDA-approved activators
  • Proven DHT blocking agents
  • Natural topical agents
  • A regular course of laser treatment
  • Periodic Capillicare tests to monitor you progress 
    andDetermine if any change in therapy is indicated.

This is the best regimen that we have discovered to stop hair loss and promote growth.

Your initial program includes laser treatments two or three times a week at first, then tapering throughout the regimen. Each session is 15 minutes in length. Your consultant may recommend additional treatments or make changes to this protocol based on your specific results.

You can see the result with the Hair and Scalp Diagnosis The Hair and Scalp Diagnosis takes magnified photos of various scalp areas to determine a baseline reading of you hair density and thickness. We will conduct these tests throughout your treatment to compare diameter change and detect new hair growth. When we show the photos side by side on your monitor, the dramatic results of progress are obvious. Health Care Products  When you begin the program, you will receive products recommended by our consultant. These are designed to provide a healthy environment for your hair re-growth, and may include:

  • Specially formulated shampoos and conditioners
  • Minoxidil, the first pharmaceutical approved by the FDA to treat hair loss, and the active ingredient in Rogaine©
  • DHT blockers, which inhibit androgen receptors and stimulate hair growth
  • Enzyme cleaners to further promote a healthy scalp
  • Daily treatment to enhance your total protocolI
  • Instructions for the use of products

Remember that hair loss is dependent on several factors, and that your participation is important in maintaining a healthy environment for your scalp and hair.