Great Lengths’ birthplace is London, one of the world’s greatest fashion centres. David Gold, founder of Great Lengths, had set himself the goal to develop a hair extension system as simple to use as cutting or drying. When in 1991 he had developed and patented the Great Lengths principle he had simultaneously discovered the first method of thickening thin and fine hair in a very simple way.

This invention set off a revolution in 1991. For the first time David Gold could offer hair extensions and hair thickening in one system. Great Lengths has become a sign of our times: men – and particularly women – have started preferring non aggressive technical solutions and natural products.

In this context Great Lengths has also been one step ahead from the start: so far no other system has developed a similarly non compromising technique of attaching additional strands to the customer’s own hair. It goes without saying that only 100% natural human hair of the highest quality is used.

It is ,therefore, no wonder that Great Lengths should have established itself on the worldwide market within a few years. Today top hairdressers in Great Britain, Italy, France, Austria, Germany, Scandinavia, Holland, Belgium, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Luxembourg, the U. S. A., Canada, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Hong Kong, the United Arab Emirates, South Africa, the Caribbean, Japan, Mexico, Thailand and many more countries are offering Great Lengths with increasing success.

Great Lengths is an unparalleled extension system that has changed the worldwide definition of hair design. Great Lengths Hair Extensions will make your desire for longer, thicker hair a REALITY. This revolutionary technique will complement your natural hair without ever displaying the visible signs that are so common with other extension systems. This cutting edge technology utilizes the application of 100% human hair strands that are so durable they can be used with any styling tools. Great Lengths are so easy and safe you can add length, volume or both without compromising the integrity of your natural hair. Great Lengths helps you to enjoy life with your new luxurious, long lasting hair.

Great Lengths extensions are featured in many magazines such as In Style, Marie Claire, Seventeen, American Salon, The Salon, and Collective Style. So many high profile celebrities now wear extensions. Although you would never know it you can probably catch Jessica Simpson, Brittany Spears, Tyra Banks, and even Byonce on the Red Carpet with their extensions. You will never try another extension again after you use the Great Lengths product. It is simply the best.


779aThe Great Lengths Ultrasonic 5000 – Cold Fusion technology uses no heat. Whereas the original Great Lengths 3200 Thermal method utilizes heat to soften the bond so the bond can be molded around the group of natural strands that the bond is attaching to, the Ultrasonic 5000 Cold Fusion method utilizes ultrasonic wave.

This wave or “vibration” action generates heat within the bond and this allows the bond to surround each individual strand within the group of natural strands the bond is being attached to. This added bonding security allows the stylist to mold the bond attachments into “flat” bond formation without compromising the bond “seal” to the client’s hair. Of course, traditional “round” bond formations with the Ultrasonic 5000 are possible too. This gives the stylist more application options to truly customize their Great Lengths Services to each client’s specific need and desired result.


  • Smoother attachment sites.
  • More brush-able.
  • More visible hair density per attachment.
  • Lays flatter, more discreetly in fring/bang area.
  • Results in better color blending.
  • Blends better when volumizing.
  • Creates a sleeker, more fluid look, when lengthening.
  • Creates more of a “panel” look, eliminating potential separation or “ropey” effects.