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Dear American Hairlines Staff, OK, I was skeptical. I started wearing someone else’s hair at the early age of 21. I have been doing so for over half my life now. I have experience the discerning glances at my head and had to convince myself that what I had been wearing made me look better.

I was about to lose it all and get the buzz-cut look. Then I heard about a product you offered at American Hairlines. I have to say that I have NEVER had so many favorable comments about anything I have ever done to better my appearance. I honestly lost count of the compliments from co-workers and friends……some of whom have never said anything about anything I had done in the past before.

The product is so easy to care for because you do nothing! Along with your entire staff I am very pleased with AMERICAN HAIRLINES product and want to thank you all for reaching out to bring your clients the most up to date products!

  Ned R.H.


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